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    Terms and Conditions

    • The use and sales promoted on the ELEMENTS website are governed by the following Terms and Conditions

      When placing an order in the ELEMENTS online store, the user:
      · Declares that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions;
      · Declares that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and / or are of legal age in the jurisdiction of your
      residence and which has the legal possibility to contract and use own means of payment;
      · You will not make fraudulent use of the site, contrary to law or morality;
      · Accepts that Portuguese legislation will regulate any conflict with the consumer, without prejudice to
      contrary, Community directive or international treaty.


      ELEMENTS is the owner of your site and its contents.
      This includes documentations, images, characters, design, software, codes and format scripts. All
      the material included in ELEITE is protected by copyright.
      Reproduction, modification, transmission, republication and / or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes are
      strictly prohibited without the prior consent of ELEMENTS.
      ELEMENTS does not allow the use of the contents of the website to any other
      purpose other than those mentioned above.


      ELEMENTS publishes information on its website in order to provide the best service to its users and updates that information permanently. However, ELEMENTS declines any liability for technical inaccuracies and / or typographical errors that may arise.
      ELEMENTS also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the site without prior notice.
      ELEMENTS does not guarantee that all the information published on its website complies with
      the legislation in force in the jurisdiction of the user, excepting the territory of Portugal.
      ELEMENTS also reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions contained in this information
      without notice.
      The user and ELEMENTS agree that any legal matter related to the use of the
      ELEMENTS website, is exclusively governed by the Court of the District of Porto, in Portugal, without prejudice to
      contrary to the Portuguese legislation, Community directive or international treaty.


      All articles presented on the ELEMENTS website are described as accurately as possible. The
      users should read the description of the articles as closely as possible and, should they have any doubts,
      should contact ELEMENTS via email, or the number of
      telephone +351 22 609 30 14.
      Due to the type of computer used, color settings, internet browser or other, colors
      displayed on the ELEMENTS site photos may differ from actual colors. A ELEMENTS
      can not be held responsible for such differences.

      The articles marketed by ELEMENTS comply with the strict quality controls that Portuguese law requires, namely with regard to the Law of Contrast. All precious metal parts are sold with the compulsory Portuguese Contrastaria brands. Any questions or concerns about this subject please contact us at



      All personal information provided to ELEMENTS will be treated with responsibility, and
      shall not be used for any purpose other than to provide the best service to users. THE
      ELEMENTS guarantees not to share any personal information with third parties without the prior consent
      of users. For more information, consult this site our Privacy Policy.



      To make an online purchase you need to Register and create an ELEMENTS User Account.


      ELEMENTS reserves the right to inform the user, within 72 hours after receiving the order, from the
      unavailability of any ordered item. After informing the user of this unavailability, the
      agreement is automatically resolved as to the unavailable item, being guaranteed to the user that
      will not incur any costs due to the cancellation of the order regarding the unavailable item, being
      the amount shown in the account statement of the user's card, in due proportion. The contract,
      shall continue and shall have its normal effect on other articles eventually
      indicated by the user.



      All prices on ELEMENTS website are presented in EURO € and with VAT included at a legal rate of 23%.

      The prices quoted do not include postage (if any) and / or other expenses associated with the purchase.


      ELEMENTS reserves the right to change prices of products for sale.
      The prices of the products will be, during the execution of an order and its confirmation, valid during



      ELEMENTS accepts payment

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